Trail Cameras - Tech Talk

Battery Life

Time that the camera will function in the field. Dependent on temperature, number of images and number of flashes during that time.


A digital picture recorded on the SD Card when motion is sensed. Images are taken at the desired delay between images.

Image Delay

Delay between images taken by the camera. This is set by the user, based on wildlife activity in area.

IR Flash

LED Night Vision flash. Sends a burst of Infrared Energy which is invisible to the human eye. Especially useful for night photos when a visible flash is undesirable such as in high pressure hunting areas.

PIR (Passive Infrared)

Security Sensor device that senses motion like a typical motion detector. Requires Infrared Energy and Motion to trip sensor.

SD Card

Memory card used to store images and events inside the game camera.


Methods required for setting date/time and camera imaging settings.