Harnessing 70 years of industry experience, Bushnell® is proud to introduce NEW Prime, Nitro and Forge. These three families feature industry leading resolution, contrast and light transmission across an amazing array of configurations and feature sets. You can execpt an unbelievable level of clarity thanks to specially coated BaK-4 Prisms and ED Prime glass all protected by our exclusive EXO Barrier™ lens coating. All together, these are designed to deliver clarity in and condition so you never miss a moment.
The new line of Bushnell Optics. Introducing Prime, Nitro, and Forge.


The all new Prime, Nitro, and Forge optics have been purpose-built to give hunters additional minutes in the field. Each optic is engineered to enhance light transmission in low light situations so that you can see clearly when it matters most. Bushnell’s new lineup of hunting optics answer a common need shared by hunters everywhere. By focusing on the best mixture of glass, coatings, design, and standardized features - Bushnell has once again changed the definition of clarity. But we didn’t just stop there. Pushing the envelope even further, our team of engineers created proprietary optical designs that the competition can’t match. We then improved the assembly process to ensure our standards for quality were met each and every time. Next, we instituted tougher recoil standards so that your optic can handle the abuse of the heaviest cartridges. Furthermore, we doubled-down on our testing procedures by focusing on Modular Transfer Function (MTF). Confirmed by third party validation, we quantitatively measured contrast and resolution through MTF to achieve the highest score possible. Then, we combined that with the untold years of hunting experience that our team and ambassadors possess. Add it all together and the new line of Prime, Nitro, and Forge optics give you that extra advantage that no one else can.



Bushnell’s new Prime™ collection sets the bar high for what you expect in your optics. Prime is engineered for today’s hunters and shooters who crave simplicity, stability, and results. Prime optics combine fully multi-coated lenses and low dispersion glass with the durability needed for any hunt. It’s all backed up by our exclusive EXO Barrier™ coating for protection against rain, snow, fog, and other challenging elements. Bushnell’s newest family ensures that you’ll always be primed and ready so you never miss a moment.


The new Nitro™ family of optics from Bushnell combines enhanced features with the widest range of optical configurations. Delivering fully multi-coated lenses, first and second focal plane options, 30mm tube diameters, ED Prime glass, and Bushnell’s proprietary EXO Barrier™ coating. Nitro optics provide the clarity you need when it matters most. Tested, proven and ready to go.


Offering the highest level of light transmission mixed with the most dynamic features, the new Forge™ line from Bushnell was engineered for hunters and shooters never willing to settle for anything but the best. Featuring far-reaching magnification ranges, ED Prime glass, additional lens coatings, zero stop turrets and protected by the exclusive EXO Barrier™ coating – all designed to deliver the best light transmission and resolution possible. Forge optics offer that expert touch when it’s needed the most.