Do you have any other simple tips that I can use to improve my odds?

The following tips can help even the best hunters odds.

  • A variable power scope should be set to its lowest power for fast target acquisition. High powers should be reserved for long range, controlled shots.
  • Lens caps provide good protection in foul weather by should be removed when stalking or still shooting to save time in snap shooting situations. Take off transparent or tinted covers to avoid image distortion. Bushnell optics are recessed to avoid lens contamination with lens covers removed.
  • Using a Bushnell Bore Sighter is recommended after any fall or mishap to assure the zero point of your rifle.
  • Storing your rifle and scope overnight in the outdoors will help avoid external fogging of optics. In extreme cold, cycle the action a few times to loosen it up prior to returning to the hunt. 

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