Where can I find a driver for an ImageView model that has no SD card slot? How do I download and install the driver?

Instructions for Downloading and Installing Drivers for ImageView models without an SD card slot, manufactured 2009 or earlier (original version of model #111025, 110718, 118200, etc.)
IMPORTANT NOTE: These drivers are only compatible with Windows XP or earlier Windows operating systems. Early ImageView models without SD card slots are not compatible with any Windows OS after XP (Vista or 7, etc), and no drivers are available for those Windows operating systems, or for Mac OSX (any version).
 All later ImageView products, and all models with SD card slots, are compatible with Windows XP or later operating systems, as well as Mac OSX (w/Intel CPU). No drivers are necessary for these later models-simply connect a USB cable, or use an SD card reader.

  1. Go to cs.bushnell.com
  2. Click on “Drivers”.
  3. Click on “Imageview”.
  4. Open or remove the battery cover on your ImageView and look for the serial number which was printed on the cover, or a label placed on the cover. Note: be careful when you remove the battery cover. If the batteries fall out or lose contact, your photos stored in the internal memory may be lost.
  5. Select the driver closest to the serial number on the battery cover. For example, if the serial number inside your battery compartment is “AM303512”, you would select the “AM310766” driver file rather than “AM293452”.
  6. Click on the driver file name.
  7. Save the zip file to your desktop.
  8. Double click on the desktop icon (name of the zip file you downloaded). Note: If the opening the zip file does not produce a normal file folder with the same name, you may need to download “Winzip” or a similar zip file decompression application.
  9. View list of files – look for “driver.exe” “driver”, “Bushnell ImageView.exe” or “Bushnell ImageView Install Shield”-the file name varies depending on the specific driver that was used for the chip in your camera.
  10. Double click on “driver.exe” “driver”, or “Bushnell ImageView Install Shield”
  11. Extract and install the software.
  12. You should now see a “dual mode camera” or similar application window. Launch this application (double click the application icon or name).
  13. Plug in your ImageView camera and view photos.

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