Grady Powell

Former U.S. Army Green Beret, Co-Host of Dual Survival and Tactical Firearms Instructor

Grady Powell comes from a military family. His father and grandfather both served. Grady gave college a try, but the call to serve and pull of his family heritage proved to be too much to overcome. “As silly as it may sound, dropping my scholarship to enlist in the Army was the best decision I ever made,” Grady said. Grady became a Green Beret at age 21.

He did tours in both Iraq and northern Africa before leaving the Army after five years of service. Grady’s experiences as a Green Beret have shaped everything he’s done since then. “Being a Green Beret afforded me the opportunity to train, live, and fight alongside the best men I have and will ever know. I am not one for regret, and am equally happy about my decision to leave the Army, but there will never be a day where I do not miss the life I left,” Grady said. “Everything I do, at home, on the range, or in the entertainment world, I am constantly thinking, ‘Would this make my team proud?’ ‘Am I deserving the title Green Beret with these actions?’ Even now, as I don’t don that cap daily, it is still molding me into the man I will be tomorrow.”

Grady shares some of the skills and tips he learned as a Green Beret in two ways. He’s a tactical firearms instructor at Asymmetric Solutions USA. And as co-host of Dual Survival on Discovery Channel, his techniques are on display for a national audience.

“Green Berets are trainers at our core. When I got out of the military, something was missing. It wasn’t until I started working at Asymmetric Solutions that I realized the void was instruction. Now, I’ve been given the opportunity to share my knowledge, experience, mindset and skills with the masses. I could not be happier. I am at home in front of an audience, all the while learning more about myself every step of the way.” When it comes to survival situations, one of the first things Grady learned was one of the most valuable.

“Hands down, the most valuable skill set one can train regardless of the discipline, is MINDSET,” Grady said. “Having the knowledge, and will to survive is by far more valuable than any one skill set.”

Career Highlights

“Pistol has always been my forte. As a Green Beret, we put focus on always being a ‘master of the basics’. As an instructor these days, I pass that along to my students making sure that they are always FOCUSING ON THE FUNDAMENTALS. In an attempt to reinforce that one day, I took aim at a piece of steel 200-250 yards away, took a one-handed position, aimed my Glock 17, pressed my trigger to break, and shortly after heard that resounding and undeniable report of a hit. I will never attempt that again in front of students, and was fully expecting to be off a bit, but close enough to reinforce my teaching. That was a good day.”

  • Former U.S. Army Green Beret
  • Co-Host of Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel
  • Tactical Firearms Instructor at Asymmetric Solutions USA

Grady 's Favorite Bushnell Gear

Elite Tactical HDMR 3.5-2x 50mm

“I have to say the HDMR at this point. I am not happy only focusing on my strengths. In fact, I spend more time on my weaknesses, to be honest. Long-range shooting has never been my forté, but lately it’s been a goal to improve drastically. The HDMR has really made it almost too easy to accomplish.”

Elite Tactical HDMR 3.5-2x 50mm