When it comes to red dots, reliability and quick target acquisition are all that matter. We challenged a group of active SWAT Operators to test out the new Bushnell Red Dots and the Transition 3X Magnifier against competitor optics: there's no group that depends on their optics more. We started by running the team through a series of shooting drills with their current optics. Then we armed them with Bushnell's newest red dots, the Enrage and Incinerate, as well as the Transition 3X Magnifier to let them see the difference for themselves. After using the scopes on several grueling obstacle-based shooting challenges, the SWAT team agreed that there was only one brand of optic that came out on top: Bushnell.

“The quick target acquisition is the most beneficial. Being able to respond to anything that presents itself—being able to engage is key”

– Florida SWAT Sergeant Law Enforcement Tactical Operator

The Enrage, Incinerate and Transition provide you with the speed and accuracy you need when seconds count. With an extensive battery life that lasts up to 60,000 hours*, these waterproof and durable optics give you unparalleled eye relief and durability in the field. Built with a sharp, vibrant reticle and easy click-through brightness adjustments, the Incinerate and Enrage are our most advanced red dots yet, and the pros couldn’t help but take notice.

* Battery life expectancy determined with a CR2032 battery on brightness-level setting of 3

“The Bushnell equipment stands miles above every other piece of equipment we’ve used. It’s quality equipment I can put on any kind of weapon system.”

– Florida SWAT Sergeant Law Enforcement Tactical Operator