The Ultimate Nocturnal advantage

With the NEW digital Equinox Z Night Vision monoculars from Bushnell, you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding optical clarity, ultimate illumination and an unmatched field of view. Features such as zoom, image capture, video recording and daytime color lead the way in our new flagship series. Other bar-setting features include a long battery life, tripod-mounting capabilities and glass objectives. Plus, they all feature an extra-durable housing. Nothing lights up the night like Equinox Z Night Vision.

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Equinox Z Photos

Equinox Z Family

How Digital Nightvision Works

Bushnell Digital Night Vision products collect existing light through the objective lens. The image is then processed through a digital CMOS sensor module and transferred to the micro liquid crystal display (LCD). Images viewed on the LCD are magnified 6 times. Equinox Z Digital Night Vision models are equipped with a built-in powerful IR (infrared) illuminator that enables clear viewing in low ambient light conditions or even total darkness.

High Quality Optics

Unlike many other night vision units in its price range, the Equinox Z has a large diameter objective lens made of glass, not plastic, to ensure maximum light gathering and optical clarity.

True Magnification Plus Digital Zoom Feature

Each model of the Equinox Z digital night vision monocular family offers a true optical magnification. In addition, all models provide variable digital zooming up to 3x factor.

Equipped for Low Light Video Surveillance Applications

All Equinox Z night vision models have a standard tripod mounting socket and composite video output jack (NTSC or PAL, user selectable) for wired remote monitoring of areas where ambient light is low or non-existent. An accessory mounting rail (Picatinny) is also provided for additional lighting or attaching other accessories.

View Far and Wide, Even in Complete Darkness

The viewing range of the Equinox Z 6x50mm digital night vision monocular (using the built-in infrared illuminator in poor ambient light conditions) extends all the way out to 1,000 feet with a field of view of 20 feet at 100 yards. And the IR illumination intensity is adjustable, so you won’t “wash out” subjects when viewing at closer distances.

Extended Life from Standard AAA Batteries

All Equinox Z digital night vision monoculars are powered by a set of just 4 widely available AA batteries (alkaline or lithium). No need to search for an unusual, special battery. The Equinox Z line of night vision features a much longer continuous running time than previous digital night vision units, and includes an “auto off” feature help extend battery life and ensure that your night vision will be ready when you need it.

Color Viewing (Daytime)

All Equinox Z digital NV monoculars are equipped with a color sensor and LCD view screen, so images will be seen in color when the unit is used in daylight.