ARC. Angle Range Compensation.

With bow or gun, no other Rangefinder on the market today can put you on target with a comparable level of precision.

Bushnell ARC gives you the exact distance to your target, plus the "shoots like" yardage in Bow Mode and bullet-drop/holdover data in Rifle Mode. All in a single, super compact unit.

Nothing's more advanced or easy-to-use.


Rifle Mode.



Bow Mode



No Guesswork, just back straps.

ARC Equipped Laser Rangefinders

  • Fusion 1 Mile ARC 12x 50mm
  • Fusion 1 Mile ARC 10x 42mm
  • Fusion 1 Mile ARC 8x 32mm
  • Elite 1 Mile ARC
  • G-Force DX
  • Scout DX 1000
  • The Truth with ClearShot*
  • The Truth*

* These Rangefinders are equipped with ARC Bow Mode only.