PowerSync by Bushnell

5 Reasons Why PowerSync Works Better

  • Performance & Reliability

    Amorphous Thin Film collects solar power faster over time than other solar panels

    Our solar panels work in less than ideal conditions and does not require direct angle to the sun

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  • Durability

    Even if our solar panel is damaged it will still work, video

    Mono & Poly Crystalline solar panels won't work after breakage

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  • Lightweight & Portable

    Our largest SolarBook weighs less then a pound and a half

    The SolarWrap weighs less than 11 ounces and is compact enough to fit in a backpack water bottle pocket

    Our SolarWrap Mini can even be worn during the day to collect a charge

  • Simplicity

    Battery is integrated with the solar panel, no external or extra wires to mess with or lose

    Power gauge lights up to indicate the stored power level

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  • Versatility

    All PowerSync products can be pre-charged from a wall charger or USB port, providing the ability to deliver power off the grid at anytime, day or night

    Works with nearly any portable electronic device that can be charged through a USB

    Competitor's products are not as compatible and may not work at all with some devices

How Many Times Can PowerSync Charge your Device on One Charge?

SolarBook 850 / 600
PowerSync SolarBook
SolarWrap 400 / 250
PowerSync SolarWrap
SolarWrap Mini
PowerSync SolarWrap Mini
Battery Bar 2x USB
PowerSync Battery Bar 2x USB
Battery Bar 1x USB
PowerSync Battery Bar 1x USB
Power Charger
PowerSync Power Charger
AA Battery Recharger
PowerSync AA Battery Recharger